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Useful Links


RHE Policy 2020

Schools Financial Benchmarking

Attendance Policy October 2020

Covid-19 Uniform Policy September 2020

Accessibility Policy 2018 2021

Asthma Management Policy 2019

Behaviour Policy July 2020

Charging and Remissions Policy 2019

Complaints policy July 2020

Equality and Diversity Policy 2018-2022

SEND Policy Federated 2019

Federation SEND offer

Pupil premium policy 2019

Remote learning - COVID19

Information regarding remote learning is all within our remote learning tab on our main page which can be found here.

School development plan

Vision and priorities 2019 2021

2020 2021 School Improvement and Development plan

2019-2021 School Improvement and Development plan


To increase transparency when it comes to reporting high pay for school based staff all LA maintained schools are now required to publish annually on their websites the number of individuals earning over £100k in £10k bandings:- There is no-one in the Federation who falls into this category.