Year 2

Years  2 is a jam-packed years of exciting learning, trips and performances.

We work hard to build upon our love of learning and grow to become more independent and resilient in all that we do. Expectations are high; we take our 5 core values very seriously because we understand just how crucial they are to achieving lifelong success. We also understand how important it is to take risks in our learning; nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Our day begins at 9:00am but children are encouraged to join us from 8:50am and jump straight into their ‘Early Morning Challenge’. Children are collected by their grown-ups in the infant playground when the school day finishes at 3:25pm.

The structure of Year 2 builds upon the fantastic foundations embedded by our Year 1 and EYFS  staff as the children continue their learning journey at Towers. Children are encouraged to take on further responsibilities around the school – some of these responsibilities include: School Councillor, Book Monitor, Play Leader, House Captain and Sports Ambassador. This is all part of helping our children to take responsibility for themselves, others and their environment.

Year 2 children take part in daily focused Reading, Writing and Mathematics lessons which touch on a wide range of subjects, interests and skills.

Year 2 Meet the Teacher Presentation: