Staff List

Head Teacher

Infant School

 Ms. L. J. Blurton


Executive Head Teacher

Mr M.J.Dineen


Deputy Head Teacher

Mrs. K Lawless



Classroom Based Support Staff


Hummingbird Class

Mrs French

Mrs Vaughan 

Mrs Phillips

Year R

Puffin Class

Mr Ryan

Mrs Blackburn

Mrs Flicker


Mrs Perry

Ms Thompson

Owl Class

Miss Forster


Woodpecker Class

Mrs Chiswell



Year 1

Parrot Class

Miss Beasley


Mrs Pullen

Mrs Courtney

Mrs Cornish

Mrs Faulkner

Mrs Hampton

Mrs Wisner

Flamingo Class

Mrs Payling 

(Year Group Leader)

Wagtail Class

Mrs Keane


Year 2

Kingfisher Class

Mrs Atkin

(Years 2 and 3 phase Leader)


Mrs Davis

Mrs Wright

Penguin Class

Mrs Harris 

Toucan Class

Mrs Coughlan (Mon-Wed)

Ms Locke (Thurs-Fri)





  Other members of staff

PA to the Executive Headteacher and Human Resources Manager:

Mrs Lee

 Schools Business Manager:

Mrs Kingston


Miss Smith



 Site Manager:

Mr Bruton


 Home School Support Worker:

Mrs Crawford

Administrative Officers

Mrs Woodward

Mrs Bragger (Nursery)

Mrs Pullen (pm)





Mrs Weeks

Mrs Ross


Specialist Support Staff:

Mrs Morris

Midday Assistants:

Mrs Edwards (Lead)

Mrs Spicer (Lead)

Mrs Flicker 

Miss O’Sullivan

Mrs Gosling

Mrs Wisner 

Mrs Perry

Ms Thompson

Mrs Saunders


School Cook: Mrs Scullion